Day 35: Moldovan wine

Having been vaguely aware of Moldovan wine, I thought it would be an interesting idea to try some. My local corner shop stocks a wide variety of interesting odds and ends reflecting the interesting backgrounds of my local community.

Moldovan wine: maybe

I’m not entirely sure about this one, it’s won’t be winning any awards. It wasn’t particularly good. If anything it was like a red, sweet syrup. For the sake of the Moldovan wine industry, I hope it’s not typical of the kinds of wine that they make. It also wasn’t particularly cheap, so all round a bit of a disappointment. This wine is definitely worth avoiding.


Day 33: Meerlust Pinot Noir


Meerlust Pinot Noir. Really? At least it’s not a beer post!

Today’s new thing post is quite brief, my most sincere apologies for that. If you have complaints feel free to leave a comment in the comment box ;). It’s a simple one, the picture says it all. I spotted a bottle of Meerlust Pinot Noir. I’ve had Meerlust wines before and obviously have had Pinot Noir before.  The novelty lies in the combination of the two.

I didn’t even know much Pinot Noir was made in South Africa. I should have known. There is an entire list on Vivino: