Day 16: Dulwich Picture Gallery and Blue Brick Cafe

Dulwich Picture Gallery is one of those things I’d been meaning to do for about five years and never got around to doing. Having the added prod in the back to get out and doing things means that today an outing to Dulwich was in order. While there, it was also a good reason to try out a new place to eat.

The Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery is a short walk through Dulwich Park away from the main road where the bus from my house drops me. It’s not particularly large, but the collection is interesting. It contains the mausoleum of the founder and it is the oldest gallery in England. The collection heavily features Old Masters. It turns that they have an exhibition of ¬†Adriaen van de Velde‘s works, an artist I’d not heard of before, or at least could not recall. There were a number of very impressive landscape paintings, with spectacular clouds. I was particularly impressed with a number of the sketches and drawings. It is definitely worth a visit, even if it was a bit too busy.

The Cafe

A bit hungry after the walk to the gallery through the park, it was time for some food. I’d heard about Blue Brick Cafe, a vegetarian restaurant in East Dulwich. Hidden on one of the side-street off Lordship Lane, it serves a range of breakfast options as well as a list of lunch choice which seem to change daily. The food was great, and incredibly good value. I had a cheese pancake with a kale salad, for about 9 pounds. The staff was friendly too. A much more pleasurable experience than yesterday’s burger drama.

Moment of reflection

Tomorrow it will time for something different, unrelated trying a new food place. Also, walking around Dulwich Park made me realise I would really like to live slightly closer to a park, preferably slightly greener as well. Dulwich is a lovely area, and the street art that has appeared on many of the side-streets of the lane is incredible. If you haven’t been to Dulwich, you should go.