Day 27: Protein shake and snack bar

Protein shake and snack bar? I know, today’s new thing isn’t partcularly exciting, as I’ve spent most of the day doing work. Finishing up the last call now as I start writing this.

Protein drink

Apparently it contains extra protein and less fat. Scarily, it tastes like any other fake chocolate malt drink. It is not bad, but it also not great. I’m not particularly keen on trying it again.


The starbarZ

Day 18: Iced Coffee and a popcorn snack

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and a Nature Valley popcorn snack. Not the most exciting experience for today’s new thing. I’ve never tried these, so it does count, and in my defence, I did leave the office quite late. As an added bonus my favourite zebra-themed table makes its first appearance on the blog series. This baby’s been with me ever since I had my own place way back in 2003 in Tilburg.

The good stuff

The first new thing today was the deceptively named Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. If you’re eagle-eyed you may have spotted the slight problem with the product. It is not the cheesy tagline ‘Keep Your Chin Up‘. It is rather more shocking than that: this drink is gingerbread flavoured. And not just any gingerbread, but sickly sweet, artificial, chemical gingerbread. I think it is highly likely that the gingerbread flavour is brought to you by the same people that make ‘yellow banana sweet flavour’ or ‘pink strawberry milk’ flavour. One word: yuck. I didn’t finish it. If you are the kind of person that likes Starbucks flavoured sugar syrup drinks, you’ll love it. I’m not even sure it contains any coffee.

To offset the surprising amount of sugar in the drink, I also had a Nature Valley popcorn snack, which was quite nice. Nothing epic.

If you got this far

The inspiration for today’s new thing comes from my possibly temporary boycott of Starbucks after their latest slightly shocking price increase. So far it has actually saved me quite a lot of money, not buying my daily espresso at the station.

The other quite interesting thing is that a bit of pattern seems to be developing on the “do a new thing every day” project, and I wonder if you’ve been able to spot it. Leave a comment if you have and I’ll send you a Jimmy’s Iced Coffee 🙂