Day 45: Elliott Bay Book Company

Today’s highlight is a visit to Elliott Bay Book Company, a wonderful bookstore that I had never bothered to visit before on the now almost countless trips to Seattle. Elliott Bay is really worth visiting, I think it compares more than favourably to any other bookstore I’ve been to before.

Why Elliot Bay?

The original plan for the day was to go to the drag brunch at Unicorn. Once at Unicorn the idea was a whole lot less appealing. Firstly, the decor involved more dead animals on the wall than I usually prefer. But the more important consideration was that most of the rest of the audience seemed pretty much non-gay. While I’m all for acceptance and inclusiveness, the idea of hanging out in an audience of people watching gay people like animals in a zoo was much less appealing.

Elliott Bay was a good place to shelter from the rain for a while. I didn’t buy anything as I’m already dragging around way too much stuff on this trip, but next time I’m in Seattle I will make a stop to browse the available books. There’s a bigger selection of poetry than I’ve seen before. Of course, Amazon is really useful to order books when you’re lazy, but it much more pleasant to let the books find you while you wander through a shop with sleet starting to fall outside.

Day 42: Elysian’s hoppy madness

Ever since I’ve been coming to Seattle, I’ve enjoyed Elysian Breweries‘ creations.  This trip Space Dust, a hoppy IPA, seems to have taken over most places I’ve visited.

[Photo is missing due to an accident with the phone]

Elysian. Heavenly?

In this case, the answer would be: no, it’s not heavenly. It’s more like space crack than space dust. To my peril, I discovered that the Elysian creation ways in at a hefty 8.2%, which means that after three or four hefty American-sized servings, I realised I’d had more to drink than I had planned to. I was fairly convinced that I had taken photos of the beer and the cure coaster for it, but I can’t find the pictures anywhere. So the lack of photos is not really an accident, more of an ‘oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen. The amount of strong beer and the residual effects of the jetlag meant that I didn’t have a particularly good sleep that evening.

However, if you enjoy hoppy IPAs, and you happen to bump into a Space Dust, you should definitely try it. If you don’t like bitter, hoppy beers, I wouldn’t recommend it as it would be a bit of a shock to your system.