Day 66: Smith’s Bar & Grill

A late night at the office deserves a quick refreshment. Smith’s Bar & Grill is on the walk back to the station, and we stopped there for a quick drink. The selection of drinks is mediocre and overpriced. The ambience? Anonymous and corporate. The staff were nice enough and they have ping-pong tables downstairs. But I wouldn’t bother going back. A big ‘meh’.

Smiths Bar & Grill

Day 39: The Mitre with old friends

Today’s post is a quicky – the new thing is visiting a new pub, the Mitre briefly after work. There wasn’t much time for much new today with the day spent rushing from one end of London to the other. It’s still a new thing, though, so we’ve scraped through Day 39.

The Mitre

It has also got me thinking about how quickly time is going in many ways, which is always mildly terrifying. Also, how little I know of north-west London, so much exploring to do.

Day 25: Too many tun puns

Monday’s are probably not the best day to go to the pub. My friend John was in town today. He successfully completed the new thing a day challenge a few years ago. I couldn’t skip catching up with him. This was also a good day to visit a couple of pubs near the office before moving to the new office. So, yet again, the new thing for the day was visiting a new pub or two

The Hat and Tun

First stop: the Hat and Tun. The just of Hatton Garden, it’s a lovely little pub. I’ve walked past it a few times and should have stopped in sooner. They were serving perfectly kept Hophead, a deliciously hoppy number by Dark Star Brewery. It’s probably my favourite beer, and safe for Mondays as it’s fairly low in alcohol. We hung around at the bar over the beer, chatting about suitably geeky tech stuff. I also tried to pick up a few ideas for new things.

The One Tun

With a wanton disregard for the fact that it was Monday, a second stop was added to the mini-crawl. The One Tun is slightly closer to Farringdon. Also a nice pub, and yet again I had to ask myself: why have we been going to the less interesting pubs near the office. The One Tun had One Tun Ale, a perfectly acceptable, if slightly dull, ale. Still not bad, and if I had gone there sooner, I probably would have added it to my list of acceptable venues.

Don’t worry, only two punny pub names for the day. Day 25 is done, and so far it’s been fun. It turns out that a little prod to try something different is good. If you have any suggestions, please let me know what you think would make a good new thing.