Day 7: Pay for beer with a phone and Steers in the northern hemisphere

The future and the past meet in the present in today’s double header that features beer and Steers. Both are things inspired by Michael to cheer up what feels like one of the coldest days of 2016.

Android Pay + iZettle = Yummy beer

An iZettle waiting for an AndroidRekorderlig lodge

Paying for beer with a phone? Today’s new thing is another double header. While we’re supposed to live in the present, sometimes it’s good to reflect about the past and dream about the future. I’d never paid for a beer with a phone. While the Google Pixel phone I got a week ago was a day to early to count for this project, this was the first time I’d used it to pay for beer. Interestingly, the beer stand was using an iZettle connected to a mobile phone. Over the course of the past year or so it looks like mobile and contactless payments have started to gain a lot of traction. The interesting side-effect is that I hardly ever carry cash anymore, which must make many merchants happy. The other nice bit is that a malfunctioning credit card is no longer really an issue.


Steers in London?

Burger and Chips, SA-styleSteers in Clapham

The second part of today’s experiences is a quick trip to Steers in Clapham Junction. I’d known about it for about a year, but had never gotten around to going there. Yes, it’s a take-away burger, but it’s tasty and freshly made. It also reminds me ever of South Africa. Like most things nostalgic, it doesn’t ever taste as good as your remember Fridays tasting, but it’s still a very good burger for about the same price as Burger King.

Today’s combination of activities is a good reminder that new things are actually all around. That’s a hopeful thought as we wrap up day seven of the project. It could become more difficult to find new things for each of the 358 days to come, but luckily I have a very large backlog of admin tasks that I need to get to that can help out :).