Day 75: Make a stranger laugh by saying something really silly

Today’s new thing took a long time to complete. If you don’t keep your headphones in on public transport, many people will ask for directions and the like. The mini-task for today was to make someone laugh by having a ridiculous answer to their question.

I finally succeeded when someone asked me where a bridge over the canal near Paddington went. The answer to that question should obviously be ‘to the other side’. That did crack up my victim. Turns out he was looking for the train station. Which is less exciting than what’s on the other side of the bridge.

Day 73: Film the commute to work 

Where’s the video to show the commute you say? It will be up soon, I need to do a bit of editing first.

It’s interesting that you can walk around filming without anyone paying any attention to you at all. No one seems to notice, or at least care.

If you want your commute to look like this, join us!


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Senior Software Engineer
Applied Scientist

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Day 70: Bar Shu, Sichuan food!

A Friday night dinner at Bar Shu with Michael and some good friends was just a relaxing way to end a long week. And, obviously, as it’s in this series of blog posts, it’s a place I had never been to before.

Is Bar Shu worth it

Slightly less famous than its competitor across the road, Bar Shu definitely has delicious food. The service is a bit rushed, but that’s to be expected. Their rent must be astronomical, and getting an additional sitting out of a table will make a big difference. We probably ordered a bit too much food: we left thoroughly stuffed. I went for ‘Twice Cooked Pork’, but as is the norm with Chinese restaurants, the food is made for sharing so I got to taste duck too. I wasn’t a fan of the chilli chicken dish, though, as it was mostly chilli.

The meal was followed with a whistlestop tour of the evening entertainments Soho has to offer. Those aren’t new: more like visiting familiar old friends’ houses. And, there’s probably a rule about what happens in Soho, staying in Soho.


Day 69: Use Edgeware Road station

Spice up your commute? Use Edgeware Road station. It’s not Paddington!

Edgeware Road

It’s true – after six years in London, this is the first time I used Edgeware Road station. There are many more of these if I need more new things!

I’d avoid this particular station at rush hour, though – I didn’t realise it was one of the deep-level stations with a lift instead of an escalator.