Day 47: This one is even more tenuous – champagne

[Edit: the title for this one was incorrect, it’s Day47 not Day 48. The permalink will be incorrect forever]

This is as close to failing as I’ve come on the project. It’s been a fairly hectic day with work and getting to the airport in a post-snowpocalypse Seattle (people here really go bananas when it snows).

So the new thing has ended up having to be asking for a glass of champagne in the airport lounge while waiting for the flight. I really haven’t done that before, I usually have a beer or some cucumber-infused water.

It’s a tough life, right. I though a Seattle trip would ripe with opportunities for doing a number of new things. As it turns out, though, long days at work and the residual effects of being in the wrong timezone add up to having a little bit less energy than I’d like.

Normal service will resume post-flight tomorrow.

Day 27: Protein shake and snack bar

Protein shake and snack bar? I know, today’s new thing isn’t partcularly exciting, as I’ve spent most of the day doing work. Finishing up the last call now as I start writing this.

Protein drink

Apparently it contains extra protein and less fat. Scarily, it tastes like any other fake chocolate malt drink. It is not bad, but it also not great. I’m not particularly keen on trying it again.


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