Day 70: Bar Shu, Sichuan food!

A Friday night dinner at Bar Shu¬†with Michael and some good friends was just a relaxing way to end a long week. And, obviously, as it’s in this series of blog posts, it’s a place I had never been to before.

Is Bar Shu worth it

Slightly less famous than its competitor across the road, Bar Shu definitely has delicious food. The service is a bit rushed, but that’s to be expected. Their rent must be astronomical, and getting an additional sitting out of a table will make a big difference. We probably ordered a bit too much food: we left thoroughly stuffed. I went for ‘Twice Cooked Pork’, but as is the norm with Chinese restaurants, the food is made for sharing so I got to taste duck too. I wasn’t a fan of the chilli chicken dish, though, as it was mostly chilli.

The meal was followed with a whistlestop tour of the evening entertainments Soho has to offer. Those aren’t new: more like visiting familiar old friends’ houses. And, there’s probably a rule about what happens in Soho, staying in Soho.