Day 49: 49 Sit-ups

Just kidding, but I decided to do 10 sit-ups before going to bed. Dealing with jetlag is not my most awesome superpower, so I was a little short on new ideas.

The original plan was to do 49 sit-ups, but I ran out of steam after 10. Sorry. The whole thing was more successful than the attempt at doing yoga. It has made me realise that I should probably do more exercise…

Day 20: Skin a cat…

Today my cats were really annoying me, so I decided to skin one of them to teach the other a lesson…

No cats were (intentionally) hurt during the creation of this blog post*

Just kidding. You may have noticed that today’s post has an image of the cats.ying-yang cat

There is a very good reason for that. I gave yoga a go, and I don’t think that’s something you would want to see.

Yoga is not something I’d tried before, and it fits in the spirit of trying new things. I think I’ve learnt a number of new things today, though:

1) Do yoga with a yoga mat, as the floor is quite hard.

2) YouTube might be good for many things, but trying to watch a yoga video while trying to do yoga, requires you to be able to do yoga.

3) Cats are not conducive to doing yoga, although they were interested.

4) I’m almost as tall as my house is wide. If I want to do yoga, with cats, I need a bigger space to do it in. Otherwise, someone is going to get hurt or broken.

5) Some things are probably best to learn with a teacher. Yoga may be one of them.

6) I’m not very flexible. Hence needing to do yoga.

*-Not a single cat was hurt. They were very confused at first, and then wanted to help out. Which didn’t help me out very much. They are adorable, though. Post-yoga they decided to play with their mouse-in-a-lattice-ball. Which suits them better than yoga, I think.

Update on Pokémon Go and other notes

In yesterday’s post, the new thing was installing Pokémon Go. Today’s could well have been uninstalling Pokémon Go. It’s gone from my phone. It’s a battery hog: by continuously polling the GPS as well as slamming the data service the battery was drained a lot faster than it usually is. The high drain periods correlate with the app being active. Case closed for me.

Today’s other little test is whether cat pictures lead to more clicks. Prove me wrong, please.