Day 6: A double header: health tonic and a parser that parses first time

Purdey's Edge

Today’s first new thing is a bit lazy. It’s winter and everyone is a bit under the weather after the festive days. What better cure than a health tonic. Or as the bottle says: Elixir vitae.
Yes, its Purdey’s Edge multivitamin health drink. I was fully expecting it to be disgusting. It turns out to be quite tasty. I might try it again.

Perhaps suitably reinvigorated by the tonic, I also remembered a second new thing for the day. As you may or may not know I work as a software engineer at Microsoft. This week being a fairly quiet week so decided to pick up one of those side projects that always seem to remain unfinished. In process of which I had to write a parser that needs to deal with a fairly funky input format. Usually debugging takes a while, but today the tests all passed first time. And I don’t think that has ever happened to me first time. And yes, there’s more than one test. So either I’ve been writing too many parsers, or, more likely: quiet, uninterrupted coding time leads to fewer errors!