Day 15: MEATLiquor Croydon

A short walk for today’s novelty: dinner at MEATLiquor Croydon, located in BOXPARK Croydon (What’s with all of the capitalization. Seriously. If you wear your moustache twirled is it a requirement to spell everything shouty?). This post is going to be quite a bit longer than the burger was. Maybe it’s too many burgers for one week, but I wasn’t terribly impressed and I won’t be going back.

The burger

The Burger The menu

The burger wasn’t too bad, but a bit on the small side. I went for the Dead Hippie which has two patties with a vaguely mustardy sauce and onion. Added some onion rings and onion-y fries along with some fried pickles. Maybe I wasn’t in a good mood, but most of the food was a bit greasy. I prefer Bukowski, a similar American-themed burger joint on the floor below.

About the photos: I didn’t put the red filter on. That’s the actual lighting.

The service and location

The whole atmosphere wasn’t very welcoming. The music was slightly too loud, and most of the patrons looked miserable. The staff seemed rushed and busy, but not much went right. A glass for my beer was asked for twice and didn’t arrive. A drunk was pestering the barman and needed to be removed. The service at the bar was lacklustre. The price: eye watering for the quality and quantity of the food and the friendliness and efficiency of the staff. There are many better options around, even in Croydon.

BOXPARK itself is a great addition to Croydon, and handy for the commute home. But too many of the venue are either too quirky for their own good, too disorganised or simply bad.