Day 55: Take away beer from Cronx

This is one I hadn’t really thought of doing before: take away beer. Boxpark opened in Croydon a while back, and one of the highlights is a small bar run by a local microbrewery, ¬†The Cronx¬†Brewery. What’s even better is that they sell their beer to take home as well.

Take away beer? Yum

I quite like the idea of taking a beer or two home to enjoy. One reason is that the toilets at home are usually cleaner, and a wider (and better value) selection of snacks is available at home. It makes me wonder why I hadn’t bought beer to take home before.

I opted for a few bottles of the Kotchin, a hoppy blonde ale. Delicious with the fried chicken burger I picked up on the way home. I know I could have bought the beer from a supermarket or off-license. There is something to be said for supporting local small businesses directly. In addition to that the fact that the staff at the bar are fantastic. So I really want the little bar to stay around.