Day 13: Beer and burger for less than £14 in London

Beer and burger for less than £14? I can already hear you saying that that’s not a particularly good deal. What if I told you that it was 4 beers and a burger?

Seeing is believing

It’s true, with a bit of effort and some luck you can still have four pints and a burger for less than £15. To clarify, this wasn’t at a Wetherspoon’s. Furthermore, I only had 2 of the pints, seeing as it mid-week.

Beers and burger

A quick stop at my local pub, the Builders Arms (I believe there’s an apostrophe missing there somewhere, but that’s how they spell it). It’s a wonderful local, with a superb beer garden for days when it is a bitter warmer than it was today. Visiting there is not particularly new, but the stars aligned to allow for some epically great value today.

Firstly, my friend is carrying a Fuller’s Inndulgence card, which is available to employees and shareholders and grants a fifteen percent discount. This pushed the price for two beers and a burger below £14. Not a bad start to the evening. However, the landlady of the pub insisted that the beer she’d served us wasn’t entirely up to scratch. I thought it was still drinkable, but gladly accepted the replacement pints, which brought the total up to four pints, all for the princely aforementioned sum. Sometimes you’re lucky, unlike this morning’s shock at the £2,15 for a double espresso at Starbucks, a whopping 15% increase overnight. Over the past 5 years, I’ve seen double espressos at suburban stations go from £1,50 to £2,15. It’s almost as bad as the fare increases on the railways in general.

Thought for the day

Admittedly today was slightly scraping the barrel in terms of being a new thing. I have spent 5 minutes reflecting on the progress so far, and I think I will have to try slightly harder at new things if I am going to reach the 365-day target. It’s easy when travelling or during the weekends, but the really hard part is going to be during ‘normal’ working weeks. I think it’s time to sit down and work on a more detailed plan for this project.