Day 12: Broiling a steak

For work I’m lucky enough to make relatively frequent trips to Seattle. One of the things I’ve always wondered is what broiling is. It also seemed like a reasonable thing for today’s new thing. So how exactly do you broil as steak*.

* – warning to vegan and vegetarian readers – contains pictures of meat.


As it turns out broiling is pretty much grilling in the oven. A little bit of research (or rather a single query on Bing) brought enlightenment: broiling is essentially cooking a steak under the grill. Definition in hand, it was time to make up a method.

The process

A piece of meat A hot pan Almost ready Time to eat

The thought of simply sticking a steak in the oven was a bit too simple. I decided to heat up my trusty cast iron grill pan in the oven to heat it up. Obviously I’d taken the steak out of the oven to get up to room temperature before starting the entire process. A little bit of pepper and a drop of oil and the steak was good to go.

Once the pan was suitably smoky, I seared both sides of the stake, before taking a wild stab at timings. I left the steak under the grill for about three minutes, turning it half-way through. After the poor steak’s brief stay in a fiery hell, it had a 5 minute rest.

The result

Meh, at best. I think first of the steak was to thin to broil, so even though the cooking process was relatively short, it ended up quite a lot more towards being medium to well-done than I usually like my steak cooked. The final outcome do did taste ever so slightly broiled, so it wasn’t a total loss. I don’t usually grill things, but when I get a thicker steak into the house, I might give it another go. The interesting thing is that it ends up cooking the steak from both sides, which, with a slightly shorter cooking time, should lead to acceptable results.