Day 33: Meerlust Pinot Noir


Meerlust Pinot Noir. Really? At least it’s not a beer post!

Today’s new thing post is quite brief, my most sincere apologies for that. If you have complaints feel free to leave a comment in the comment box ;). It’s a simple one, the picture says it all. I spotted a bottle of Meerlust Pinot Noir. I’ve had Meerlust wines before and obviously have had Pinot Noir before.  The novelty lies in the combination of the two.

I didn’t even know much Pinot Noir was made in South Africa. I should have known. There is an entire list on Vivino:


Day 21: Kentridge and a vegan burger

Today’s new thing is seeing the William Kentridge exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, followed by a burger at the vegan burger bar Mooshies. The perfect evening to end the first snowy day I’ve seen in years.

The Kentridge Art

As you may or may not know, I grew up in South Africa. William Kentridge is a South African artist who’s name I’ve known for a very long time. I had never been to an exhibition dedicated to him, though, nor had I been to the Whitechapel gallery before today. So both tick the new thing box quite nicely.

I am not particularly well-versed in art, but I do like to think that I can appreciate things at an experiential level. This is not the time nor place to fade into a long a discussion about aesthetics, especially if you’re of the Kantian bent. From what I know about Kentridge and his work, and I stand to be corrected, I think he would accept people taking the art for what it is. For me, the collection struck a nerve, more than many things I’ve seen recently. It may be that the sounds and atmosphere echo a South Africa that lives in the sub-conscious. Almost like a shadow of the world seen from suburban Johannesburg, as it fades in my memory. If anything, as I write this, the feeling that Kentridge’s work evokes in me reminds me of the work of Ivan Vladislavic.

The work is meticulously executed in a variety of media, but always moving. Either the movement is physical or mechanical, or it is suggested by the nature of the drawing or imagery. There are a number of film installations, as well as moving installation pieces. But then, in the middle of it all, a room with colossal tapestry pieces. It’s fabulous. Go see it if you can, it’s on till the 15th of January.


Vegan dinner? Delicious burgers? Enough said. Go visit it. Awesome staff and reasonably priced vegan junk food. Go get some.