Day 58: Visit the Freemasons Hall

Time for joining the Illuminati at the Freemasons Hall? Yes, please. Who rules the world? Wouldn’t you like to know?

 Inside the Freemasons Hall

The building has always loomed over one end of Covent Garden, but I’ve never had a chance to go inside. Even though I’m still not really sure what Freemasons do, they rent out their headquarters for events. There’s still enough security around to guide you away from certain areas. And there’s a gift shop, with all sort of esoteric reading material.

The building itself is quite impressive, with a symbology from almost every religion and content incorporated into the floors, ceilings, doors and toilets. I didn’t take many pictures of the inside. And the ones I do have I won’t be sharing, much as if I’d taken pictures in any other religious building. It would feel disrespectful.

That’s about it for today. The fashion shows were good, and even Hololens made a guest appearance in an AR-themed event. I didn’t make it to that one.

Day 57: Backstage at an LFW photo shoot

A photo shoot? Let’s change gear a bit for this weekend and bring out the big guns. Today’s adventure covers a number of fairly interesting things, with more excitement to follow!

Photo shoot at the Oxo Tower

New thing number one is actually visiting the Oxo Tower on the South Bank. There are bits of interesting building hidden behind the bit where the Nero’s is. After a bit queuing and wandering through a crowd of the fabulous and beautiful, we ended up in a loft photo shoot. All of this what at the Friday evening On Off party, which apparently is one of the ‘coolest’ parties of the week. I’m no longer hip enough to know that, though. I probably never was.

It’s hard to describe the images better than the images describe themselves. So I’ll leave it at this for today.