Quick update – what happened?

It’s been 6 months since the last post, so you were due an update! There’s also a backlog of 50 ‘do a new thing’ posts that need to be posted. I might end up just posting the headers for each of the days.

.Meditating Fungus

The update

There is a reasonably good excuse for the delay: namely that moving house and all of the admin that that involves ends up taking a lot more time and mental energy than you’d think.

The second reason is that one of the days ended up really affecting me. It put me off the project for a few a weeks. I was still doing new things and tracking them but fell behind on the writing.

What’s next

So, here’s the deal: I’ll post the header of the remaining ‘do a new thing’ posts, and officially give up for the year. I’ll try again next year, maybe. In the meantime, I’ll start regaling you with the interesting ‘Pimp-my-house’ project, with the goal to give you a weekly update on where we’re at, starting tomorrow.